Do you feel the need

  • to get away?
  • to rest?
  • to drop out for a couple of days? 
  • to learn?

Everyone desires life that has meaning. Sometimes learning to ask the right questions is more vital than "learning the right answers." Pasha works with others to help them discover their own inner signals and cues for their own lives. For nearly 40 years she has helped others to learn from their own imagery – more powerful in its impact on the brain than words alone.

The Doorways Studio offers individual retreats to clergy or laity, with overnight accommodations (bed, bath, and functional kitchen). 

We will work with retreatants to set time frames for counseling.  Walking and exercise equipment are available.

In summer, it is also possible to “play with clay”while you are on retreat.
If you cannot do a retreat without the internet, we have high speed service next door.