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“Time with Pasha reminded me of the river of goodness that flows from God’s heart to mine..to everyone’s.  She nudged me to trust my interior wisdom, to lean into that.  She helped me to re-think an issue I saw as a problem, allowing me to see it as a blessing--a gift.” -- Rev. Julie Gibson

"The day I spent at Pasha's retreat house was a soul rejuvenater.  I breathed deep in the Spirit's presence, was blessedly challenged by her wisdom, and learned techniques for personal meditation that have remained important in my life and ministry since.  Very well worth my travel and money spent!" -- Rev. Shane Isner (MN)

A retreat at Pasha's is a time for spiritual rest and deep breathing; time and permission to exhale the toxins of baggage and stress we carry around, guidance and encouragement to breathe in the light and energy we need.  -- Rev. Sara Gallindo (IA)

"It was the best two hours I've ever spent."  -- participant in "Imitating the Radical Christ" workshop (TX)

      “You always give me something to think about!” -- participant at Worship in the Gardens, Indianola




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